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Trans Africa Projects

Challenges: TAP was 100% reliant on labour brokers to recruit all of their contracted personnel. No internal recruitment division. Labour broker costs were escalating. Unable to secure the correct calibre skilled candidates Project Scope: Analyse current “as is” processes and create “to be” processes. Develop and implement entire recruitment policy. Mobilization of recruitment team of…
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3 Ways RPO Can Add Business Value

3 Ways RPO Can Add Business Value A good RPO will create value through improved efficiencies, better quality candidates, analytics, improved employment brand reputation, and overall better hiring experiences for candidates and hiring managers. These, in turn, drive three predictable business outcomes: 1. Revenue Generation Your ability to transact in business – including mergers and…
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Level 2 BEE Contributor

Pro Tem is now proudly A Level 2 BEE Contributor with 51% black female owned. Pro Tem Recruitment has recently finalised a deal that now makes the business a Level 2 BEE Contributor. Pro Tem would like to welcome our two new shareholders Pam Ramauthar and Noncedo Hillie who collectively own a 51% stake to…
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Ernst & Young removes degree benchmark for graduate programme

Ernst & Young removes degree benchmark for graduate programme Ernst & Young has removed its requirement for a university degree from its entry measure for their 2016 graduate programme The Global accountancy firm Ernst & Young has issued a new recruitment policy that they will formally be doing away with the hiring of any potential…
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