Why Pro Team


Pro Team are currently engaged in successful RPO’s, and to date have continued to enjoy contract extensions with our clients.

The team are highly skilled and can offer the necessary expertise the ensure success of such a partnership.

Pro Team has established a number of Turnkey Recruitment solutions over the last two years and have achieved great cost and efficiency savings during this time. Some of our clients are:

Some of our clients are:

  • Top South African Management Consulting Company
  • Booyco Electronics
  • Trans Africa Projects
  • British International Engineers
  • Bureau Veritas South Africa

We are a results driven company and we aim to deliver process and cost efficiencies in all our consulting engagements. We provide innovative solutions that enable our clients to fully outsource recruitment processing which:

  • allows you to retain control of strategic hiring decisions
  • reduces hiring costs and time to fill
  • allows you to interface with one service provider
  • concentrate on the strategic elements of your business

We'll take over the complete Recruitment Management of your organisation and provide our multi-channel candidate sourcing approach to identify and screen applicable candidates. We will also meet your immediate human capital requirements and build a database of relevant talent that’s exclusive to you.

Why Pro Team: Case Study:


  • Long time-to-fill cycle (Three months).
  • Challenge to recruit personnel in outlying areas.
  • High dependency on contingent recruitment agencies.

Project Scope:

  • Refine recruitment process.
  • Fill 13 positions – mostly based in remote areas such as Kuruman and Lydenburgh.

In 3 months, the following results were achieved:

  • Development and implementation of recruitment process.
  • Filled 18 positions in 3 months.
  • % CV submission: Pro Team 86% / Booyco internal 14%.
  • Offer acceptance ratio 91%.
  • Recruitment life-cycle 25 days incl. notice period.
  • Reduction in recruitment spend by 14%.

Booyco Electronics contract with Pro Team was extended for a further 6 months.